My name is Kiki Pearson. I’m a maker living and working from my home sewing space in Newtongrange, an ex-mining village outside Edinburgh, Scotland. My family are my three kids, our Springer Spaniel Stan and my husband, the diy masterbuilder and we live in an end of terrace brick miners cottages typical of the area. It’s small but solid and suits our quirky idea of home.

I’ve come full circle from my art school education in Stoke-on-Trent where my first project was a hand sewn chasubule I made with my mother from fabrics I had at home. That style was quickly abandoned in favour of more arty endeavours but it speaks volumes to me now! Learning and sharing from my mother, using found fabrics and making from the heart. I trained to be a paper conservator and worked in this field for 15 years, mostly in Edinburgh. Making sure items new or repaired, are well finished, work robustly and can survive a long life of continuous use are important to me when I work.


My endeavour to make and eventually teach, came from when my children were small. I am probably quite cheap when it comes down to it. I wanted gifts that were cost effective, the materials used were considered and they were something that were made to last a long time and grow with the child. I’ve not never stopped sewing the personalised fleece blankets I started sewing but the materials I prefer to use now, are those which have lost their original purpose, unloved in the bottom of the drawer or back of the wardrobe. The embroidered cotton tablecloths, heavy wool blankets or faded unfashionable jeans are my favoured fabrics which I repurpose into practical, beautiful items for your home. I set up shop under the name End of Terrace Trading, from where I live.


Memories held in favourite clothes from loved ones or your own can be very strong. One part of the business is fixing your clothes in beautiful and robust ways and also teaching you how. Another part is turning those treasured clothes from a loved one into something which can be used everyday and held in your hand as a sweet reminder of that special person.